How To Find Free Food Easily


We all can’t deny that we are suckers for anything that is for free. Whether it’s for luxury items we don’t need, or for necessities, everybody in their right mind will seek out what is free.  Free food is one of the most common freebie people seek out.  Sure, it’s not exactly a daily thing for people to get free jewelry or a free new phones, but free food lurks everywhere, provided we know how to get it. We put together this food finder list to help you get your hands on free food.

You might be thinking, Getting free food is impossible. After all, there’s the popular saying that tells us there’s no such thing as a free meal.  Well, we’re here to gladly say these people are making highly erroneous assumptions. Not only that, none of these suggestions are illegal in any way.

The first trick to find free food is to make your way to the opening of a brand new supermarket branch.  We’re sure you’ll find free food during these occasions.  The day it opens for the first time is sure to reward you with free meals.  Do come with an empty stomach because lots of food companies will have representatives offering free tastes of their merchandise.

The next tip to help you find free food is to scout restaurants, cafes and bars for free samples.  Many of these spots tend to provide free samples when there’s a need to promote an event, and the brands will get the services of promo people, so these hires can give out samples of a product they’re trying to launch off the ground. You’ll find most of these establishments at very busy street corners, such as those near train stations.Learn more about food at

Another awesome food finder tip is to use the Internet.  Plenty of brands give out freebies of their own products online, and they will even go as far as pay for the shipping costs.

Online, you’ll also see websites that will email members a list of the latest freebies from different companies, or there are also websites that list the most popular free products you can get from company websites.  In a nutshell, these websites are a form of aggregator so they pool together a list of the best freebies you can find online, and these freebies do include free food.

Our next tip may only be used once annually, but the good news is that you can get some of the best quality food freebies on your birthday.  People are usually amazed when they realize the amount of cafes, restaurants and bars that give out free food to clients on their birthdays.  Don’t forget to bring your ID with you and expect that these places will ask to see it.

Our tips and some creativity of yours will ensure you’ll find free food.


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